Christopher Floyd (drdeleto) wrote,
Christopher Floyd

The (Last) Year in Music -- May

This is music that bears no lead-in commentary:

Sleigh Bells is a miracle less of musicality than of engineering. Although a few of the vocal lines are relatively accomplished, most of the music--especially the guitar-playing--is almost stupidly primitive. Their one tuneful song (Rill Rill, see below) only manages to break the trend with the help of a bald-faced Funkadelic sample.

Yes, it's loud. Almost at any volume. But let's take a moment to appreciate that such a feat is not as easy as it seems. There are lots of ways you could set out to make an album like this and end up with garbage. (Not to mention Garbage!) Yes, it's essentially gimmicky. But let's face it, a gimmick can still be original and powerful, when properly employed. Now, figuring out what their next album will sound like... that I don't envy them one bit.

Here's the relatively-speaking-sonically-laid-back Rill Rill, for those of you who maybe just can't swallow the jagged Tell Me:

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